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Audition About the Author

Mahim Bora a teacher by profession, is also a short story writer, novelist, poet, playwright, essayist and translator. He made his mark in the realm of Asomiya fiction through his collection titled Kathnibari Ghat. He has to his credit around six short story collections, three novels and two essay collections, besides numerous po¬ems, plays and a children’s book, Batris Putalar Sadhu. He was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2001.

Audition Summary

This is story of a person named Prafulla. He had a great ambition of giving a talk on the radio. He had a close friend Dipak who was a radio announcer at Guwhathi Prafulla went to Guwahatti to ask his friend to influence him to be given a small role either in a drama or some programme in Radio.

Dipak was equally interested in helping his friend. But, Dipak himself was a new employee and he was inexperienced to know that audition is just for namesake.

In order to curtail the expenses the radio authorities employed people like prafulla who persistently begged for a role or as a staff artist. Prafulla did not expect any financial returns he just wanted that his voice were heard on all radios sets.

He was not physically attractive but academically he just managed to pass and never participated in students meeting and his major drawback was his bad voice.

Once it so happened he was singing in his bathroom, when his mother heard and discussed with her neighbor about his bad voice. He also felt very bad when young girls and daughter-in-laws in the neighborhood started giggling and covered their mouths. This was a big insult for him.

He made an vow – “Bhishma pratigya” not to sing through out his life. He had narrated this story to his friend. With great difficulty deepak was able to get him a chance for an audition at the radio station. Prafulla was excited and reached before time for audition. By mistake this time there was audition going on for the selection of singers. Unknowingly the staff in the audition studio made him to sit before the microphone and tried to make him sing.

Prafulla was unable to make it in the audition as he did not know singing, and moreover because of his vow he was unable to. make even an attempt. With the scare, that he will miss the chance he tried to sing a Hindi song and sang a few words which turned out to be comical and made everyone laugh.

After this prafulla was not found anywhere and his friend dipak received a letter informing him that his friend was still alive. Deepak still tried to convince his staff to give a chance to his friend as they had made him to break his Bhishma pratigya.

Audition Glossary

  • Bohag Bihu: Arrival of spring season
  • Kuli- ketaki Bor: A song bird that sings during spring
  • Bor Ghooini: A wife, woman of the house
  • Sador: Part of the two piece Assamese saree chador/mekla. Sador’s end – edge of the pallu
  • Kunj-Lathika: Name of a girl
  • Aaideor buloni: Programme for women
  • Khaloi: A bamboo trap to catch
  • Japona: A fence

Audition Comprehension Questions and Answers

Question 1.
What are the different things that Prafulla did not do?
He did not write poetry, sing song or whistle a Bihu tune.

Question 2.
His greatest ambition was to give ………………
A talk on the radio

Question 3.
Where did he go to persue his ambition?
He went to Guwahathi to peruse his ambition.

Question 4.
Who did he stay with? What was that person’s profession?
He stayed with his bosom friend Dipak. Dipak was a radio announcer.

Question 5.
“Prafulla didn’t want any payment” says the writer. What did Prafulla plan to do instead?
Prafulla was more than ready to give them the money in exchange for a role.

Question 6.
How did his mother react to his singing in the bathroom one day?
She told her neighbor that her son was singing and the vocal cords, god had given her son in return for per prayers. Hearing to this is enough to drive her crazy.

Question 7.
What was the response of the neighbor Bor Ghoini to Prafulla’s singing?
Prafulla’s mother neighbor was sympathetic to his mother comment, she questioned his mother why a mans voice should be shrill like women, and suggested that a mom’s voice should be sonorous as he is not going to sing song and play the harmonium in meetings and gatherings.

Question 8.
The daughters and the daughters-in-law who had come to fetch water from the well wer and found?
Giggling and covering their mouths.

II. Answer the Following Questions in About a Page:

Question 1.
List the various options Prafulla thought for himself?
The options that Prafulla thought for himself was to jump into the well and-stay there forever.

Question 2.
What measures did the radio station take to curtail expenditure? Why?
The radio authorities never invited any artists from outside Guwahathi, because it would involve providing traveling and lodging allowances.

Question 3.
Describe the events that led to Prafulla’s “Bhisham Pratigya”?
Prafulla overheard the conversation of his mother with her neighbor about the way he Was singing and wanted to end his life by jumping into the well, because of this insult, he instead took an oath – a Bhishma Pratigya that he would never ever sing again.

Question 4.
“Prafulla was not interested in singing” – Do you think it is strange? If so, explain why?
When he was singing in his bathroom he heard his mother and their neighbor conversation, commenting about his bad singing. In his dream he wanted to sing when he remembered his oath of not to sing, he fell on the floor.

Question 5.
“The number of girls he loved had already entered the realm of infinity” says the writer and quotes the reasons for it. Write down those reasons?
He was not physically attractive, academically he just managed to pass. He never participated in students’ meetings, cultural functions or shows. His major drawback was his voice.

Question 6.
What is strange in the reaction of Prafulla’s mother after she hears him singing in the bathroom?
She told her neighbor that her son was singing and the vocal cords, god had given her son in return for per prayers. Hearing to this is enough to drive her crazy.

III. Answer the Following Questions in About two Pages:

Question 1.
“Deepak did know that the auditions were all in name only”. What does the above statement tell you? Was an audition a mere eyewash? Do you think the interview for other jobs too are done the same way? Elaborate?
The radio authorities would never call candidate from outside Guwahathi, which involves traveling and lodging allowances. There are some staff artiste who are engaged to play a role of a mother-in-law, she is given a daughter-in-law’s part in the next one.

The radio could make the same man produce a child’s voice in the morning, a youths at noon and that of a toothless old man in the evening. Hence audition sometimes is a mere eyewash. When a job is considered the case may be almost similar, many times it may be just for eye wash, but there are serious interviews in which candidates are selected for the job.

Question 2.
Consider “Audition” as a parody on “Bhisham Pratigya” or vows in general?
The ‘Bhishma Pratigya’ of Prafulla is a parody in Audition. The very first place he was not a singer, he did not have the interest in singing He had vowed not to sing for his entire life. By mistake the authorities in radio audition, considered him that was a candidate who had come for audition of a singer. He was forcibly made to sing a couple.of songs, which he was unable to sing, but with great difficulty whatever little he sang, became a laughing stuff in audition.

Question 3.
“Prafulla in “Audition” ideally lends himself for a comic portrayal”. Discuss?
The very first place he was not a singer, he did not have the interest in singing He had vowed not to sing for ‘his entire life. By mistake the authorities in radio audition. Considered him that was a candidate who had come for audition of a singer. He was forcibly made to sing a couple of songs, which he was unable to sing, but with great difficulty whatever little he sang became a laughing stuff in audition.

Question 4.
Though portrayed in a comic light, Prafulla succeeds in engaging our sympathy’. Comment?
The determination and the interest of Prafulla to speak on the radio, at least as a small actor in a drama is the one appealing to any one. He has to be given a fair opportunity. This is how he gained sympathy.

Question 5.
‘However, it was easier to give up one’s life, but not so easy to get an audition call” is the observation:
(a) Does this convey to you that the standard of quality was very high?
(b) Does this convey to you the underlying corruption in the system?
(c) Does this convey the helpless situation that the central government concerns are passing through?
(d) Do you think there are other dimensions to this situation? Analyze.
(b) It conveys the underlying corruption in the system.

Audition Vocabulary

The following words are used in the context of radio programmers. Construct meaningful sentences using each of the words.

Young Pele, Soccer Player Summary Notes img 1

  1. Artists undergo audition before they are selected for a programme.
  2. An announcer in a radio requires good communication skills and good voice.
  3. A good singer is an Artist, who can be considered for singing programmes in a radio.
  4. An Instrumentalist is an artist who usually play a musical instrument like Tabala or Sitar.
  5. The artist voice are converted into electrical signals through a microphone to know the quality of the voice.
  6. The performance of an artist for a definite period of time on a Radio or TV is called programme.
  7. The chief person in a radio station who decides about the programmes to be transmitted and manages the activities of a radio station.
  8. The person who takes care of the requirements of people in a programme till the end of the programme.
  9. A pre determined act By an actor or artist.
  10. It is the final documentation of the programme meant for relay in radios.
  11. The recording of sound with due consideration of technical aspects of sound
  12. A person who is a specilist in knowing all the techniques of recording of sound using sophisticated instrument
  13. A singer or an artist who wings with his vocal capabilities.

Fill in the blanks in the following paragraph with expressions given below:

[stone idol; radio station ; precious time; long corridor; crestfallen; announcing booth; control room; bosom friend; stuffed tiger; glass partition;]

There went to the radio station for an audition. Without wasting her precious time she entered the long corridor. Her face looked stone idol as her bosom friend was nowhere around she moved towards the control room. At the announcing booth she saw her friend through the glass partition. Recording remained no crestfallen anymore. Until now she was like a stuffed tiger. Now she was relaxed.

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