Envision Math 5th Grade Textbook Answer Key Topic 19.7 Outcomes


How can tree diagrams help you list possible outcomes?
How many outcomes are possible when spinning a spinner once and then tossing a coin twice?
Envision Math 5th Grade Answer Key Topic 19.7 Outcomes 1

Use a tree diagram to list all possible outcomes.
A tree diagram is a diagram used to organize outcomes of an experiment.

Guided Practice

Do you know HOW?
In 1 through 3, list the possible outcomes.
Question 1.
Tossing a number cube

Question 2.
Spinning a spinner divided into white, blue, black, and purple

Question 3.
Tossing an even number on a number cube

Question 4.
Writing to Explain
In the example above, how would your tree diagram change if the spinner had 4 colors? How many possible outcomes would there be?

Question 5.
Write a multiplication equation to find the possible outcomes of tossing a number cube and spinning a spinner with 4 different colors.

Independent Practice

Question 6.
Two spinners are spun. Copy and complete the tree diagram to show the possible outcomes.
Envision Math 5th Grade Answer Key Topic 19.7 Outcomes 2

Question 7.
Josh and Susan are running for class president. Mark, Maria, Lee, and Eva are running for vice-president. How many possible outcomes are there for electing a president and a vice president?

A tree diagram shows the sample space, which is the set of all possible outcomes.
Envision Math 5th Grade Answer Key Topic 19.7 Outcomes 3

You can also find the number of outcomes by multiplying.
Envision Math 5th Grade Answer Key Topic 19.7 Outcomes 4
There are 8 possible outcomes.

Problem Solving

Question 8.
On four tests, Justin scored 90, 85, 90, and 95. What is the mean score of the four tests?

Question 9.
Steve’s dog is 10 lb heavier than Marsha’s dog. Together, the dogs weigh 42 lb. How much does each dog weigh?

Question 10.
John, Andy, and Miguel run in the first race. Sharon, Marie, and Mona run in the second race. How many different outcomes are possible for the winning pairs?
A. 3
B. 6
C. 9
D. 12

Question 11.
Surfers in California often have a variety of wetsuits and surfboards. If a surfer has 3 wetsuits and 6 surfboards, how many different combinations of a wetsuit and a surfboard could the surfer have?
A. 6
B. 9
C. 18
D. 36

Question 12.
Writing to Explain
How does a tree diagram make it easier to tell which outcome occurs most often?

Question 13.
Lara’s ice skating lesson started at 11:15 A.M. and ended at 12:50 P.M. How long did the lesson last?

Question 14.
Think About the Process
Jennifer’s paycheck was $314.79. She used $205.75 of that money to pay bills. Then she spent $58 on groceries. Which expression shows how to find how much money Jennifer has left?
A. $314.79 + $205.75 – $58
B. $314.79 – $205.75 – $58
C. $314.79 – $205.75 + $58
D. $314.79 + $205.75 + $58

Question 15.
How many different outfits consisting of one pair of jeans, one T-shirt, and one jacket can you make if you have three pairs of jeans, four T-shirts, and two jackets to choose from?

Question 16.
Algebra Find the value of n, if n × 400 = 28,000.

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